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Painting Exterior and Interior

Work with our experienced and skilled painters at La Palma Contractors for a top of the line painting service for your exterior or interior walls. We all know that as time progresses, our wall colors begin to fade out and that is never a good look. Work with us today to bring your wall paint colors back to life with our painting services.

Residential and Commercial Painting

If your office or home is in desperate need of a new paint color to adorn its exterior or interior, you can count on us to get the job done. We have committed to delivering high class residential and commercial painting services for over 20 years and we have always achieved gratifying results.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Cook in style and bathe in luxury by having our team at La Palma Contractors LLC completely remodel your kitchen and bathroom with exquisite and innovative designs that will make you fall in love with your property all over again. Welcome in the feel of modern and elegance with renovations and remodeling from us.


For the highest quality drywall that ensures fire resistance, affordability and long life span, you have to work directly with us at La Palma Contractor LLC. We have the finest quality drywall in all of Pennsylvania and we have delivered it for more than 20 years. Call today for your drywall installation.


To ensure that your roofing is being done by a professional, make sure that you work with us at La Palma Contractors LLC. We have completed strong and beautiful roofing tasks for numerous residences in the state of Pennsylvania, and we continue to deliver excellence. Let’s get started; call us now!

Power Washing

Power washing is the ultimate solution towards achieving a spotless surface. Whether it is your driveway, exterior walls, or walkways, power washing guarantees a clean finish especially when performed by the specialists at La Palma Contractors. Schedule your power washing appointment today.

Carpet Installation

Cozy up your property’s ambience with top of the line carpet unalike what you will find anywhere else by working with La Palma Contractors. We have thousands of carpet material options and styles for you to choose from. We have the perfect carpet designs that fit to your needs and specific style. Learn more by calling today.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a timeless and classic beauty. This amazing contribution promises beauty and value when installed to a property. You can have hardwood floors in no time; all you need to do is talk to our experts today so we can get started on your hardwood floor installation.

Windows and Doors

When it comes to your windows and doors, you can count on our men at La Palma Contractors LLC to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We will have your doors and windows installed to perfection, ready to tie your rooms together and boost the elegance and feel of the whole property in no time.


Concrete is great for driveways, sidewalks, or you name it, due to its versatile and strong features. At La Palma Contractors LLC we offer the highest quality concrete that you will find in the state and the best thing about it is our competitive prices. Call today to learn more about the pros of concrete.

There is nobody as experienced and professional like Us.

La Palma Contractors LLC, the most professional, amiable and affordable Construction company in Pennsylvania.